Super Grip Hairpiece Wig Tape, 25 Count, Double Sided Adhesive for Hair Extension, Toupees, and Lace Front Dome Caps, Discrete Waterproof Strips, Strong Hold Support, Straight



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Ensure Your Wig or Hairpiece Stays in Place with Super Grip Tape

If you wear a wig, hairpiece, toupee, or weave you don’t want to worry about it sliding out of place or revealing your hairstyling secret. That’s why we want to help you keep it safely secured with double-sided Super Grip Wig Tape that provides a strong hold with discrete placement for comfortable all-day wear. Able to adhere to your wig cap and the underside of the weave itself our waterproof tape can outlast body heat, rain shows, and all your active adventures.

True Waterproof Wear
Super Grip hairpiece tape is made with 100% waterproof materials that can resist sweat, moisture, and intense days at the gym. In fact, once applied you can take showers, enjoy Hot Yoga, or even get outside and go hiking without worrying about it letting you down.

Small, Customizable Strips
Each wig tape strip measures 1” x 3” in size which gives you more options during application. The smaller size is also easier and more comfortable wear for men and women.

Seamless Wig Alignment
The single most important factor with Super Grip wig tape is that once applied it can help you create a beautiful, natural-looking hair line, so you can always look and feel confidence inside and out.

Long-Lasting Hold
This isn’t just your average all-day wig tape. It can provide 2-4 weeks of consistent use per strip—depending on activity levels, temperature, and humidity—to ensure you don’t have to keep taking it off and putting new tape on every time you get ready for the day.

Product Details:
* Premium Hairpiece Tape (30 Count)
* Double-Sided Adhesive Support
* 100% Waterproof for Active Wear
* Contoured, Boomerang, and Straight Available
* Sweat and Moisture Resistant
* Supports Wigs, Toupees, and Hair Systems
* Dimensions: 1” x 3”

Multiple Tape Sizes Available – We offer Super Grip wig tape in three different styles to match your individual wig needs including boomerang, contoured, and straight. Select the right option for your hairpiece above.
Sweat and Moisture Resistant – This salon-quality all-purpose wig adhesive tape also stays on tight without slipping or sliding, so you can keep your wig or hairpiece comfortably in place even when you’re active.
No Sticky, Itchy Residue Left Behind – When it’s time to remove our double-sided wig tape you don’t have to worry about irritating your skin or damaging your wig cap. Simply pull away and wipe the skin clean with little effort.
Versatile Individual Strips – Every order of our wig and hairpiece tape comes with 30 strips that you can cut and customize to specific size needs or use as an entire piece. And the bulk pack provides plenty of monthly use.


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